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Volunteers have a very important roll here in the village of Lanuola. Our organization thrives best because of caring community members. All of our certified volunteers are very talented individuals, and we always strive to find the best fit for everyone. Without the generous support of our volunteers and community partners we would not be successful. 

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Asia Pacific Cultural Center 

Our mission is to bridge communities and generations through art, culture, education and business.

Asia Pacific Cultural Center (APCC) serves as an interactive cultural crossroads between local and international communities.

APCC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was formed in November 1996 from the vision of a small group of citizens representing three generations of Americans from Asian and Pacific Islanders heritage.


APCC represents 47 countries and cultures, offering programs and services honoring their distinct artistry, business protocols, history and social practices.


More Than Marks Movement:



More Than Marks mission is "Designed by purpose and purpose by design." More Than Marks is established as an approach to revitalize Samoan language and culture as well as, bridging young people to their heritage. 


More Than Mark movement finds ways to empower our people through life changing workshops and making them accessible to our American born Samoans who don't have consistent access to language and cultural teachings.

For more information about more than marks movement. Please feel free to reach out and contact them via email, facebook, or phone


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Preserving and regenerating our culture through performing arts, music, and education.


Phone: 253-559-0588

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